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From Genocide to Justice: National and Global Perspective
Journal of the 1st Winter School
ISBN: 978-984-90206-6-0
Published in: 2014
Third Printing: December 2016
Price: Tk.350

The Center for the Study of Genocide and Justice (CSGJ) has been established from the deep-felt urge and need of a victim-nation to study and understand more thoroughly the scourge of genocide. It is imperative that in the struggle for the punishment and prevention of genocide lessons from past are learned and the young generation be imbued with the role they have to play in this regard. With this aim CSGJ is working to promote understanding of genocide, truth and justice specially among the youths of Bangladesh.

It gives us much pleasure to note that internationally reputed genocide scholars have contributed to the 1st Winter School Journal and national mentors have also thrown light on the issue. It is to be understood that the opinions expressed in the articles are that of the authors and do not reflect the view or opinions of the CSGJ or Liberation War Museum. We are hopeful that the WS Journal will provide useful to the participants as well as others having interest on the subject which has great contemporary relevance in today’s strife-ridden world.

Mofidul Hoque
Director, Center for the Study of Genocide and Justice

Research Project

In commemorating the supreme sacrifice of the victims of Bangladesh genocide during 1971, CSGJ initiated an extensive research project on Dhamrai atrocities. Dhamrai is situated in the outskirts of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Eight participants of 2nd Winter School participated in that four month long research project. The title of the research is “Dhamrai During 1971: Atrocities, Legal Aspects & Survival”. This project was landmark for the center.

The purposes of this proposed research are as follows:
1. To find out whether there were collaborators in the Dhamrai area and the crimes they have committed; their present position in the society and reasons for still not being prosecuted.
2. To focus on case studies regarding surviving victims of liberation war and freedom fighters.
3. Giving emphasis on the destroyed cultural monuments/property of that area.
4. To find out whether there is any Beerangona(s) in the research area and their trauma, recognition, acceptability in the society and make recommendations for their effective reparation and rehabilitation in the society.

The research questions for this project are:
• Whether there were collaborators in research area? If yes, what kind of crimes they have committed? Whether they were prosecuted for their crimes? If not, why? What is their present condition in the society?
• Whether any cultural properties or cultural monuments/memorials were destroyed and what are the legal and social aspects of such act?
• Whether there are surviving victims of liberation war in the research area? What were their sufferings? What are the experiences of the freedom fighters?
• Whether there are Beerangonas in the research area? If so, how they have suffered during the liberation war? Who were responsible for crimes committed towards them? How society has treated them after the liberation war? What is their present condition? If they still suffering what should be the appropriate course of action for their effective rehabilitation?

The Dhamrai Research team

Introduction to the Research Team

Naureen Rahim, Research Coordinator-
Naureen has completed her Masters student from the Department of Criminology, University of Dhaka. She earned her LL.B (Hons) from Eastern University, Bangladesh.


Farhana Yasmin Moury-
Farhana is an LL.M. student at Southeast University, Bangladesh.
Golam Kibria Sourav-
Golam is an LL.M. (Appeared) student from the Department of Law, University of Dhaka.
Iftekhar Sahariar-
Iftekhar is an LL.M. student from the Department of Law, University of Rajshahi.
Jubaida Sakin-
Jubaida is studying LL.B (Hons.) at the Faculty of Law, Eastern University, Bangladesh.
Nasrin Akter-
Nasrin is an LL.M. student at Southeast University, Bangladesh.
Sudipta Sanker Biswas-
At present Sudipta is serving at the Bangladesh Police. He completed LL.B (Hons.) and LL.M from Eastern University, Bangladesh.
Suraiya Akter Maha-
Suraiya is studying LL.B (Hons.) at the Department of Law and Justice, Southeast University, Bangladesh.