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Center for the Study of Genocide and Justice

The Center for the Study of Genocide and Justice (CSGJ), established by the Liberation War Museum in 2014, is aimed to organize and promote research, documentation, study, education and networking on genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in Bangladesh and other parts of the world. The core mission of the Center is to commemorate the victims of the Genocide in Bangladesh, to celebrate these who survived, to educate upcoming generations and to dedicate its effort to uphold the cause of truth and justice. The Director of the center is Mr. Mofidul Hoque and eminent personalities in the field of genocide, justice and mass atrocity in the country together with the international experts like Professir Dr. Daniel Feierstein, Dr. Helen Jarvis, Ashis Nandy, Dr. Trudy Peterson, Amy Fagin, Professor Dr. Adam Jones are members of its Advisory Board.

So far, four certificate course trained 120 university students and young professionals the Winter school, a week-long residential training on genocide and justice takes place in December each year and till date three winter school have been organized in which 112 participants have graduated. The 3rd winter school was participated by four international participants, from Cambodia and one each from Nepal and Sri Lanka each.

On February 29, 2016, CSGJ organized a program named Meet the Author: Mustafa Chowdhury based on the issues of war babies of Bangladesh, their adoption process and their lives.

In commemorating the supreme sacrifice of the victims of the Bangladesh genocide during 1971, CSGJ initiated an extensive research project on the Dhamrai atrocities entitled “Dhamrai During 1971: Pattern of Atrocities, Legal Aspects & Subsequent Survival”.

Eight participants of 2nd Winter School participated in the four month long research project. The students were from different public and private universities across Bangladesh.

In December 12, 2016, a public lecture on Domestic Tribunal for International Crimes Tribunal: Argentina Experience was organized by the center. Ms. Irene Massimino, Professor at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina delivered her valuable speech.

CSGJ organized a seminar on March 24th, 2017 titled “25th March Genocide Day, Thoughts of Young Researchers”.

The Centre for Liberation War Studies

This Centre is still in its formative stages and like the Centre for Genocide Studies, it will also be affiliated with a University in Bangladesh. Amongst the faculty members of the centre will be academicians and direct participants in the War as well as eminent international personalities who are connected with the Bangladesh War of Liberation of 1971.