March 26, 1971

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26th March 1971

  • On March 26, the atrocities run by Pakistani occupation forces on unarmed Bangladeshis leads to the beginning of the freedom fight as Sheikh Mujibur Rahman announces that very day that they attacked innocent people in Dhaka, fights are going on in every road in Chittagong and he says that there is no way but to fight the enemy and throw them out of our country. He urges for international help.
  • On the day that the independence of Bangladesh is announced not only in the capital Dhaka but throughout the country the red and green flag of a free Bangladesh is hoisted.
  • In the morning in Dhaka Cantonment, the arrested Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is taken to the Flag staff house. Here he is kept the whole day and later in the evening taken to an unknown location
  • The military authorities call for curfew after curfew and with machineguns and arms attacked houses, buildings, slums and Awami league leader’s houses. Area after area is lit on fire as arson, looting and murder continue in the hands of the Pakistan Military.
  • With the help non-Bengali’s Pakistan military attack old Dhaka and continue their carnage till late into the night, along with that many news agencies such as Ittefaq, The People and Bangla’r Bani offices are damaged by the fire from tankers.