March 24, 1971

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24th March 1971

  • From Morning to night without any rest, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman continues to give speeches for the many processions that arrived at his doorstep. He said we don’t want any more discussions now we want an announcement. He said if no solution is reached within tomorrow, Bangladeshis will find a solution for themselves, no conspiracy can now hold us back, and we are united. If any decision is forced on us, that will not be accepted in any way.
  • From 23rd March to 24th March morning, the Pakistan Army authorities surround and hold the Sayedpur Army cantonment along with the surrounding areas of Botlagari,  Golahaat and Kundul Gram and rage rampant in those villages killing almost a 100 people and leaving a 1000 injured. In the city, curfew is enacted and along with non-Bengalis the Army causes arson and carnage in the houses of Bangladeshis.
  • A few civilians and Military authorities get locked in a battle in front of Rangpur Medical College and centering which the army runs carnage in the surrounding areas where reckless shots are fired killing 50 unarmed civilians
  • In the evening a meeting is arranged between Awami league and the government side in the President residence where Awami League leaders Syed Nazrul Islam, Tajuddin Ahmed and Kamal Hossain are present. After the two hour meeting Tajuddin Ahmed told the waiting journalists that Awami League has given their part of the speech. And they have said that Awami league is not willing to continue the speech for an indefinite period.
  • People’s Party chief went and joined the meeting at the President’s Residence in the afternoon and later came out and told the journalists that the present situation here is very dire and extremely unfortunate. He also said that he has immense love for the people of Bangladesh but he has a national responsibility in the face of such a grave crisis where he is ready to give up his life to ensure that Pakistan remains united.