March 17, 1971

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17th March 1971

  • On the 16th day of the non-cooperation movement Sheikh Mujibur Rahman meet Yahya Khan for the second time in a meeting that went on for an hour. The press is briefed by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman after the meeting saying that until the goals are met the discussion will continue.
  • President Yahya Khan invites People’s Party chairman Z.A. Bhutto to Dhaka.
  • Plans for a third meeting between President Yahya Khan and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is announced that night
  • Military men attacked trucks in Tejgaon and Mohakhali where they mugged money and tortured the unarmed men. Which resulted in even more anger among the general people.
  • “Irna Elizabeth” carrying food aid for Bangladeshis is intercepted in Chittagong and rerouted towards Karachi.