March 14, 1971

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14th March 1971

  • The non-cooperation agitation movement is in the last day of its second phase.
  • On the topic of joining the National parliamentary committee meeting Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave a 4 point prior condition- for the acceptance of these prior conditions many processions and rallies are taken out in Dhaka.
  • NAP leader Abdul Wali Khan and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman get together in a meeting. The meeting is held in Bangabandhu’s Residence where other Awami League leaders are also present. And Sheikh Mujibur Rahman told the waiting Journalists that this fight is fight by the people to live independently in an independent country.
  • Later that night Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in a statement urged Bangladeshis to continue the non-cooperation movement and also announced new orders for future. Adding that the Bangladeshi citizens fight cannot go to waste and we are indomitable because we are ready to die
  • In Nishat Park of Karachi a rally is organized with the initiative of the people’s Party where PP’s Chairman Z. A. Bhutto proposed that power be handed over to the major parties of Pakistan and as the leader of the west Pakistan Majority party he urged for dialogues to begin with Bangabandhu.
  • In a rally in Barisal, National League chief Ataur Rahman Khan calls for the formation of a temporary government by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.