March 12, 1971

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12th March 1971

  • Under the instruction of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, all government, semi-government and private offices, educational institutions and banks remain closed whilst black flag continues to fly.
  • In a press briefing in Lahore, Air Marshall Asgar Ali Khan said, that fate is playing an odd game, where the fault is of Lahore, yet shots are fired in Dhaka. He said the people of the East region want to live with equal rights, not be the slaves of west Pakistan, and now the only way to alleviate this problem is to hand over the power to the hands of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
  • National Committee member Mohammed Zahiruddin gives up the title given by Pakistan Government.
  • In Bogra, 27 prisoners escape by Jail break and following that in the open fire, one prisoner dies, whilst 15 get injured.