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Associate yourself as member of LWM

Premier Patron: Donation of Tk. 1 crore or above Patron: Donation of Tk. 50 lacs Sponsor Member: Donors contributing over Tk. 15 lacs Charter Member: Individual donors contributing over Tk. 3 lacs Life Member: Tk. 1 lac only Buy a Brick: Tk. 10,000

Members receive Membership Card allowing free entrance to the museum, invitation to museum programmes and museum publications. Name of Sponsor Member and Charter Members appear at the museum entrance and receive Liberation War Museum crest.

Object Collections

Main asset of the museum are objects relating to Bengalee nation’s struggle for democracy and national rights and liberation war that lead to the emergence of independent Bangladesh. If you have in your possession or have knowledge of where we can receive such object, please inform our office at your conveniences. Such object will enrich the display and the archive of LWM.

Other Supports

We also look forward to other supports in the form of –

Professional Expertise: Museum welcomes all professional support for improving museum displays and programme. For instance ‘International Consortium for Energy Development’ helped the museum with solar energy to cut down electricity costs.

Programme Support: This can be in the form of project financing e.g. Freedom Foundation in student’s Outreach Programme and Manuser Jonno (Care Bangladesh fund) in upholding liberation history and promoting Human Rights and Peace Education for Students. We also welcome your suggestions for further improving our existing programme.

Exchange Program: Liberation War Museum is interested in building partnership with organization, institution and individual with similar objectives through exchange of views and information.

Donations The Liberation War began its journey with support from the people and continues to do so as a museum of the people. In 1994 when the journey began the Trustees realised that what they had expected to be a herculean task was made far easier by the love and support that the common people showed on the museum. After 21 years the Museum has expanded both its collection and its activities and has been able to establish a connectivity with many people in the society through their mission of collecting and disseminating the history of Bangladesh which has been a struggle for freedom, justice, equality and for the pluralist traditions that the Bengali society has nurtured . The museum is now a recognized and credible institution preserving and disseminating the history of the emergence of Bangladesh. The Liberation War Museum endeavors to link this history with contemporary social problems and humanitarian issues.

To continue the efforts the LWM appeals for donations from people who are believers of a better world for all of us.

A donor may choose any means, modes and the category of payments which will be duly recognized and documented for their benefit. The donations (in Bangladesh) are exempted by the NBR under section 44 (4) (b) of Income Tax ordinance 1984 and also has been recognized as a Philanthropic Institution which meets the government criteria for eligibility for CSR donations. Donors from abroad may check with their own Tax authorities.

Donation Method

Please tick the donation amount/category:

Please write below the correct spelling of the donor’s name (both in Bangla and English for certificate to be issued for Tax purposes) and the mailing address (if not a resident, a permanent address for sending notifications).

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