June 1,1971

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June 1, 1971


  • Pakistan forces are forced to leave their camp at Mondobhag in Comilla and near Shalda river areas under intense attack by the freedom fighters, and set their new camps near Nayanpur Railway Station. This brought Mondobhag and Shalda river under the Muktibahini’s occupation.
  • Activities by Razakar forces in Jhalakathi increase significantly. Police and Razakar forces abduct Jitendralal Dutta, an advocate at Barisal Court, his son Mihirlal Dutta, a journalist, Sudhirlal Dutta, along with many others from the Hindu community from Birat village within Nalchiti Police Station of Jhalakathi, and place them in custody of Pakistan forces.
  • Pakistan army attack the hidden camps of the Muktibahini in Mymensingh, which did severe damage to the camps. On the other hand, Pakistan army arrest many young men allegedly involved in the Liberation War, and many innocent civilians are killed in the atrocities.
  • In a press release from Dhaka University, it is informed that almost all the teachers have joined including Dr MN Huda, Dr ABM Habibullah, Dr Innas Ali, Dr AK Nojmul Karim, Dr Mafizullah Kabir, Professor Atikuzzaman Khan, Professor Munir Chowdhury, Dr Kazi Deen Muhammad, Dr Muhammad Enamul Haque, Dr Nilima Ibrahim, Dr SM Azizul Haque, Dr Mohammad Moniruzzaman, and Dr AK Rafikullah.