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The Digital Thread Exhibit

Created by a group of Harvard students, social activists and museum designers, the Thread Exhibit is an online exhibition which is dedicated to share the story of the Rohingya community and lift their voices to a global audience. In partnership with the Liberation War Museum and the Harvard University Asia Center, the exhibit combines the power of arts and technology to raise awareness for the persecuted Rohingya community.

The website is segmented into various concise segments, focusing on the arts and crafts created by the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh under a UNHCR-IUCN partnership project. With a minimalistic interface, the website also shares a brief history and images of the Rohingya exodus, their global diaspora, and sheds light on the more recent conflicts concerning the paradox of geographical, environmental and humanitarian crises fuelled by the persecution of the Rohingya community.

The website allows viewers to donate, raise individual voices, watch promos and serves as a complementary initiative to a travelling exhibition organized by the Liberation War Museum. Furthermore, it welcomes individual stories and artworks via email at threadexhibit@gmail.com. By connecting and sharing their narratives, the Thread Exhibit continues the global endeavour for justice for the Rohingya people.

The Thread Exhibit can be accessed here: https://www.threadexhibit.com/