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International Conference on
The Bangladesh Genocide and the Issue of Justice
: Heinrich-Zimmer-Saal, South Asia Institute, University of Heidelberg

Date : 4-5 July, 2013
Organized by :
South Asia Institute (SAI), Heidelberg University, Germany
South Asia Democratic Forum (SADF), Brussels, Belgium
Liberation War Museum (LWM), Bangladesh

4 July 2013 :
9.15 am-10.00 am
Opening Session
Conference objectives – Addresses by :
South Asia Institute, Heidelberg− Hans Harder
South Asia Democratic Forum (SADF) – Paulo Casaca
Liberation War Museum (LWM) – Mofidul Hoque
Film-screening : “Stop Genocide” – Docufilm by Zahir Raihan made in 1971

10:30 am – 12.00 PM
Panel I : The Issue of Genocide and Criminal Justice Prosecution

M.A. Hasan (Dhaka) : Why Genocide and How to Prevent Genocide

Daniel Feierstein (Buenos Aires) : Partial Destruction of the National Group as a Way to Confront the Genocidal Binary Construction of Identity : the Case of Argentina’s Trials

Paulo Casaca (Brussels) : Bangladesh: Memory and Justice

Panel II : Justice and the Memories of War in Bangladesh

Wolfgang-Peter Zingel (Heidelberg) : From Regional Economic Disparities to Mass Violence

Arild Engelsen Ruud (Oslo) : Narratives of Genocide : School Text Books and the War of Liberation of Bangladesh

Tariq Rahman (Islamabad) : West Pakistani Perceptions of the Bengali Language Movement

Siegfried O. Wolf (Heidelberg) : Bangladesh Liberation War and the Role of International Actors

Panel III : Accountability for Sexual Violence and Remedies for the Survivors

Silke Studzinsky (the Hague) : Sexualized and Gender-based Violence as International Crime – Challenges to Prosecute and Remedy

Gabi Mischkowsky (Köln) : The Trouble with Rape Trials – Prosecuting Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict from the Perspectives for Female Witnesses

Umme Wara (Dhaka) : The Term Beerangona (War Heroines) : History or Misery?

5 July, 2013
9:00 am – 10:5 am
Panel IV : Plenary Session – Justice, Truth, Reparation and Reconciliation : Role of International Community, National Govt. and Civil Society

Jonathan Sission (Bern) : Dealing with the Past – Addressing the Legacy of Violent Conflict

Suzannah Linton (Bangor, Wales) : Competing perspectives on the International Crimes Tribunal of Bangladesh

10:30 am – 11:30 am
Bina D’Costa (Geneva) : Trauma and Testimony : New Directions and the International Crimes Tribunal Process in Bangladesh

Helmutt Scholz (Berlin) : Member, European Parliament : Role of European Parliament in the Justice Process

Dr. Mizanur Rahman (Dhaka) : Right to Justice : How to Reconcile with Right to Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation

12.00 am – 13.00 pm : Concluding Session

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