Center for the Study of Genocide and Justice.

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Liberation War Museum (LWM) has recently established a Center for the Study of Genocide and Justice (CSGJ) aiming to organize and promote research, documentation, study, education and networking on genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in Bangladesh and other parts of the world. The Center will strengthen the initiatives to establish justice for mass atrocities and for recognition, restitution, reparation and healing of the victims. The core mission of the Center is to commemorate those who perished in genocide, to celebrate those who survived, to educate upcoming generations and to dedicate its effort to uphold the cause of truth and justice. The Center is going to organize its 1st Winter School from 18-25 December 2014 in Proshika, Manikgonj on the theme “From Genocide to Justice in Bangladesh: 1971-2014”. The school is a eight days’ long residential training program designed to educate 40 graduate students and young professionals from different public and private universities of Law, History, Sociology, International Relations and other relevant disciplines in a multi disciplinary approach where the resource persons will be chosen from among the academics, experts and researchers of relevant fields from home and abroad as guest speakers and resident mentors. The method of educating the participants will be through class session, group exercise, group discussion, field trip, documentary film screening, theatre art, mock trial etc. The course is designed with sessions like concepts of Genocide, Bangladesh Genocide, role of international community regarding the justice process, national trials of international crimes, cases of International Crimes Tribunal Bangladesh, witness and victims participation in trial, collective memory building, issues of Beerangona, Transitional Justice and Dealing with the Past etc. We are delighted to inform that already Professor Dr. Rafiqul Islam (Macquarie University, Australia), Dr. Helen Jarvis (Former Chief of the Public Affairs Section and head of the Victims Support Programme of Extraordinary Chamber in the Court of Cambodia), Barrister Tureen Afroz (Prosecutor, International Crimes Tribunal, Bangladesh), Ms. Lucie Bovet (Researcher & Masters in Social Sciences, Anthropology and Archaeology, Switzerland) gave their consent to be the resident mentor of the Winter School to guide the participants throughout the program. To participate in the Winter School, we are calling for application from the students (Honors final year/Masters/Masters appeared) and young professionals of relevant disciplines. The deadline for submitting the application is 01 December 2014. The application form is available in Liberation War Museum website ( Please fillup the form, sign and submit to the Liberation War Museum office. For any query, please email Umme Wara, Lecturer, Department of Criminology, University of Dhaka and Coordinator, Center for the Study of Genocide and Justice to
Mofidul Hoque
Director, Centre for the Study of Genocide and Justice
Trustee, Liberation War Museum

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